About K+

K in “K+” stands for Kumagai, Kyoto, Kyoto ware, Kiyomizu ware. Plus (+) is the collaboration with designers and artists with different culture backgrounds in various fields, which would lead to some chemical reaction. Our goal is to create original and contemporary ceramic products. By introducing “K+” to Japan, and all over the world, we hope to pass over Excitement, Enjoyment to people’s daily life.




Kyoto ware, Kiyomizu ware is the representative Japanese artifact with about 400-year history. Craftsmen inherit making technique and design from our ancestors. Their legacy is the foundation to conduct innovation. But without revolution, tradition would be hard to survive. Therefore, by collaborating with young designers and artists,“K+” has started a innovation, which in order to pass down this traditional industry to our future generation.


While using traditional pottery making technique and designs that was cultivated in long history, we also integrate modern perspective views into our products. All products are inspired by daily life scenes, and would definitely give happiness to our consumers’ life.

Promising Designers

“K+” collaborate with active designers and artists in both Japan and foreign countries. Various new ideas for pottery and porcelain products are sparkled in our cooperation with people in various fields, such as architects, chefs, and designers of product, textile and interior decoration.



Born in 1972, he is the third generation of Kumagai Co., Ltd. (founded in 1935).
Kumagai company has been developing the famous Kyoto ware which has about 400-year history, and created many original charming ceramic products.
As a ceramic producer, he established the brand “K+” in 2014.
K represents Kyoto, Kumagai, Kyoto ware,Kiyomizu ware. + (Plus) means the collaboration with designers and artists.
Dedicate to create pioneering ceramic wares and introduce them to Japan, and all over the world, aiming to give enjoyment to consumers' everyday life.

Project Management; Kumagai Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1935, Kumagai Company has been using pottery making technique which inherited from ancestors to develop charming ceramic products.
We would like to introduce Kyoto ware, Kiyomizu ware to Japan and all over the world to pass over Excitement, Enjoyment to people’s daily life.

  • tableware (cups, plate, bowl, etc.)
  • tea set (tea ceremony)
  • interior item (censer, etc.)
  • accessories (pendant, etc.)
  • sewing tool
  • funerary urn, Buddhist altar fittings
  • Interior decorative material (ceramic plate)
  • and other ceramic products with clients’ requirement



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